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What is a Talking Slides E-Conference? 

An E-Conference is a complete online, virtual conference with main plenary sessions, parallel sessions, an exhibition, posters sessions, networking opportunities etc. everything that you would expect to see at a typical conference, however, no physical conference has actually taken place.

Why do you need an e-conference?

In the current climate delegates just can’t get together - yet there is vital information that needs to be shared. An e-Conference is a cost-effective solution that allows conference organisers to reach out to a larger delegate audience. Delegates can view and engage with presentations on their own devices wherever they are and reap many of the benefits which, until now, have only been possible from a physical conference.
All presentations are captured remotely, so your guest presenters and keynote speakers can give their presentations from the comfort of their own homes or office, making international conferences a breeze. 
Delegates can interact with each other directly via your e-conference hub, and also ask questions directly to presenters, even comment on individual presentations - just as you would with a Youtube or Facebook video.
It provides a truly on-demand service and provides a valuable archive of resources that can easily be shared to a wider audience that is available for as long as required.

How does it work?

Presenters are invited to record presentations online with support from the team at Talking Slides. We will then upload all content to your very own custom branded e-conference website, incorporating your company and event’s branding, as well as your sponsor’s logos. 
Our team will do everything - from the initial design to uploading all content, applying CPD assessments to talks and much more. We will even provide support to your delegates should they need it. We take care of it all!
You simply need to pass on the web address to your conference hub to delegates who will be greeted with a page allowing them to explore all rooms of your virtual venue.

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