What makes Talking Slides different to other e-Conference Solutions?

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1st June 2020

Since 1996, our mission has to become one of the leading suppliers of innovative solutions to the conference and events industry. We have achieved this by providing a bespoke service that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Our e-Conference packages are coming into their own during this time and, with complete versatility, are enabling businesses to continue with their conferences and events for the year – just online!

We love to work together with our clients to create awesome physical and virtual events!

Our e-Conference solutions provide businesses with the full package. Our team manages the whole project from start to finish – from discussing video recording techniques to supporting a live Q&A during the conference – we do it all.

“When we were looking to move our event online we contacted Martin and the team straight away. They put our mind at ease immediately, to us the task seemed too complex but with a few emails we had our project planned. Our event was incredibly successful with a completely branded platform, pre-recorded presentations, live streaming with a panel and a live Q&A. Not only that but the event was saved online to enable us to share with clients afterwards with just a simple web link.”

Physical to Online Event Solutions

Many of our existing clients had events coming up this year which they originally thought they would need to cancel. With our Talking Slides solutions, we have transferred conferences and events to online within short timescales. With a dedicated Project Manager, the whole process is dealt with by us from day one.

What is Talking Slides?

Live streaming, video conferencing, webinars etc…there is a lot of it going on! From a virtual conference, e-Conference, live streaming to a mix of physical and virtual events – we know how to give you the professional solution for your business. The platform is completely bespoke to your needs with branding, sponsorship facilities, live interaction, break out rooms, and anything else you need to make your event engaging for your audience. Did we mention that we manage it all for you?

How do you manage the whole process?

We assign a Project Manager from the outset, they then contact you to run through your plans, offer advice, and create that exclusive package for your event.

Our Talking Slides platform is just part of the process. We manage our virtual events with the same love and attention as our physical events. We do it all! You just need to pass on a unique web address. It’s beautifully simple.

Recent support has included:

✔ A nervous lady who had never used online recording

✔ A gentleman needing video recording advice for reading from slides

✔ Clothing and background recommendation

✔ Lighting & microphone issues

✔ 10 presenters pre-recording

✔ Chairman live presenting with several pre-recorded presentations

✔ A presenter who couldn’t get his webcam to work – his laptop didn’t have one!

✔ Live Q & A support during conference

✔ CPD Training platform advice

What’s the difference between doing it myself via Zoom / Hangout / etc and using your platform?

In a word – Professionalism

Businesses wanting to give themselves a professional representation online need a platform that will not only look like the company brand when people visit but also give the correct impression. Just like a website, your online event is your “shop window” and whether you are providing a conference to delegates or hosting an event to sell products & services, you need to reflect your business in the best possible way.

Hopefully, this blog tells you lots about our exciting products, but we really would love to talk with you even show you around a demo site. Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0203 793 3455 or drop us an email. Our team are all working from home and would love to talk to you from the comfort of their sofa!

Stay Safe…

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