Staff working from home - how is it in reality?

Posted on
24th March 2020

COVID-19 is changing the way we work

Our company is based around 3 separate premises all within 1km of each other, a workshop, a warehouse, and our office - 10 full-time staff in total. Like many, we really want to do the right thing and wherever possible, allow our staff to work from home. Having never done anything like this before we weren't sure how this was going to work or how productive it would be. So after a few days, I thought I would share our experience thus far.

We use Google G-suite for all email, file storage and document creation. This has been brilliant. Using Google Hangouts, the whole team is in constant touch with each other. We can work on the same document at the same time from different locations. Producing proposals has been a breeze. The great thing with G-suite is that it’s just a single login from any device and it’s the same as using the desktop computers in the workplace. Most of the systems we use for creating quotations, PO’s and invoicing are all cloud-based. We didn’t actually realise just how much we can do away from the office.

We start the day off with a video call using Zoom to plan the day. This works well and helps to keep the team together. We also have another team video call after lunch to regroup and move on. 

Like most corporate telephone systems, ours is cloud-based. This means that a telephone can physically be taken from someone's desk, plugged into an ethernet port at home and it will work just the same. Even using the same extension numbers as if the phones were in the office.. This has been very useful!

Overall, I believe there is nothing better than having a coffee around a table to talk things through and to share our ideas but the impact of remote working has been much more positive than was expected. Whilst I wouldn’t opt for this style of working out of choice, it has become a very acceptable alternative for us in these difficult times.

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